CaveMan Arts & Craft Studio was launched by Elysium Groups in the year 2006 to inspire creativity from all sorts of places. It was born from an ardent desire amongst its founders to create a larger canvas than what exists today, for all the beautiful and unparalleled creativity that the simple arts and crafts have been quietly perfecting for centuries.

This portal was conceived with the sole objective of featuring Art and Craft in its most unique and contemporary form, bringing it closer to people across the world. It is our effort to bring an undeniably unique selection of traditional art and craft translated into a range of attractive contemporary products, while ensuring a fair price.

Added to that is a wide range of Best in Class, Art and Craft products making us a one stop-shop for people of high quality and attractive Art works like Murals, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, African Painting, Pencil Sketching art, Batik Painting and Craft Works like General Craft works, Eco- Friendly Crafts, Doll making, Card Making, Jewelry Making and much more!

And also, Concentrating on every possible domain of art, our studio also provides a platform to facilitate upcoming talent. That is to motivate their passion for art without any hindrance.

Our Caveman studio contains many talented and extraordinary artists. To mention that, their paintings has a soul of art and all the viewer’s admire in to it. Mainly, the foundation of CaveMan Studio is to offer spectacular Art and Crafts to our esteemed customers.

Additionally, we offer arts and crafts classes for kids, students, faculty, as well as the entire community. Our studio has a rich history of providing quality art instruction taught by our staff of professional artists and is a welcome space for students and artists at a variety of skill levels.


Conserving & Enlightening Art and Crafts

Our Mission is to kindle interest and support for an unsurpassed legacy of art and craft that spans millennia and to create an awareness for craft linked with ecological choices. We also want to ensure fair prices that are mutually agreed with the customers, and also to educate and train all age group of people in this field of art and crafts, which help to direct their immense talent in staying contemporary and relevant to this changing world.


A Complete Showroom for Art & Crafts

Our Vision is to emerge as a leading art and craft gallery across the globe for the sake of tradition and culture and also to encourage the creation and appreciation of fine contemporary art and craft through the quality art education to all age groups.