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  #230, ChurchRoad,Anna Nagar, Madurai-625 020, Tamilnadu, India.

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In general, traditional oil painting techniques often begin with the artist sketching the subject into the canvas with charcoal or thinned paint. Oil pain is usually mix with linseed oil, artist grade mineral spirits or other solvents to make the paint thinner, faster or slower-drying. Because of these solvents thin the oil in the paint, they can also be used to clean paint brushes.

In addition, create exquisite wide range of splendid art and crafts evoking reminisce of breath taking contemporary spectaculars. It creates art work, craft work, paintings, gift shop, oil painting. chalk Piece carving, knife painting, pen stand, soap carving.

The pencil art uses the same principle as hatching, but the lines are very small, similar to tiny dashes. Particularly 16th may the Hindu Tamil newspaper article about our Caveman Studios, not only but also 07 May, Caveman little crafters certificate distribution ceremony may 2016 Post by cavemanstudio.

To point out, Caveman art craft studio feel free to contact us Address: #230, ChurchRoad,Anna Nagar, Madurai-625 020, Tamilnadu, India. Call us +91 96777-33573 or mail

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