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In general, the founders of the Arts & Crafts Movement were some of the first major critics of the Industrial Revolution. And disappointed with the impersonal, mechanized direction of society in the nineteenth century, they sought to return to a simpler, more fulfilling way of living. The movement is admired for its use of high quality materials and for its emphasis on utility in design. Hence, to achieve all these values to the customers we offer a best deal on seasonal timings.

The practitioners of the movement strongly believed that the connection forged between the artist and his work through handcraft was the key to producing both human fulfillment and beautiful items that would be useful on an everyday basis; as a result, Arts & Crafts artists are largely associated with the vast range of the decorative arts and architecture as opposed to the “high” arts of painting and sculpture. Thus, to sustain these valued conditions, our caveman studio offers on all the festivals and celebrations.

Here, there are some sayings about the art and creativity in the work. Art is magical, but it’s not magic. It’s a sensual product and we can study this tactile product the same way we study other complex processes such as language. Therefore, we provide 20% discount on the art and craft shop of our studio.

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